Pure Biofuel holds partnership meetings

We've just completed an excellent week of meetings with our partners to begin negotiations on securing off-take agreements in 2019/2020 season. While our team has been working hard in the office making sure our deliveries are on time and completing winter '19, we've been in the European and Siberian part of Russia visiting key partners to begin negotiations in 2020. Wood Pellet capacity in the region is increasing year on year, and among the companies we have established working relationships with are some of the largest new factories being built in the country. Russia is modernising their wood pellet production quickly, with two new factories supplying 120,000 and 90,000 Tonnes per annum re

Advantages of Pure Wood Briquettes

Are you interested in buying wood briquettes? We have prepared a list of advantages of why you should get Pure Wood Briquettes: A pallet of Pure Wood Briquettes will require less storage place and are very nicely put together in our minimalistic packaging. Our packaging is properly sealed, so you won’t have any problems to store your briquettes in the shed, garage or even on the balcony. Pure Wood Briquettes create minimum smoke and don’t spark when burnt. No unpleasant smell. Pure Wood Briquettes have a long burning time compared to other alternatives e.g. firewood. The temperature remains stable throughout the burning time. You don’t have to use a modernised boiler to use Pure Wood Briquet

Pure Biofuel achieves PEFC Certification

Pure Biofuel today joined more than 10,000 companies around the world to have been awarded PEFC Chain of Custody certification. We invested in this rigorous assessment process to demonstrate our commitment to a sustainable future for the world's forests. This certification provides assurances that Pure Biofuel procures wood pellets from sustainable, legal and traceable sources. Chain of Custody certification is the process by which certified material can be traced from the forest to the end-user. It provides proof that the product, or product line, being sold is linked to legally managed and certified forests. Stringent PEFC standard track all timber products and wood fibre coming out of the

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