Pure Biofuel welcome three new employees

We are proud to welcome new members of our team after a competitive hiring process in April and May involving many highly skilled applicants. I would like to say a big thank you to the many applicants who submitted their resume and those which visited our offices for interviews. We have been very lucky to secure the following candidates who will continue their career growth within the PBF family. Fabio Diolaiti, Customer Service Advisor, London Office Evgeniia Rogova, Assistant Logistics Co-ordinator, St. Petersburg Office Glenn Middleton, Finance Manager, London Office The growth in staff count not only shows the increased popularity and natural growth of our wood pellets and horse bedding

What Wood Means to Us – A Sustainable Future

From the earliest history of man wood has been faithfully by our side. It’s first usage was being a fire to warm our family as well as for light to protect them against the night fears of predators. Man is the only animal who has learned how to utilize the effects of a flame or fire for their own support. First man used nature's ability to make fire from friction, flints, the sun & other natural fires. Once they understood the benefits of fire, they quickly learnt how to manage it; firstly, they found that by carrying and nurturing an ember, they could move from the natural source to reestablish it many miles away so they had fire with the use of wood farther and farther from the original si

Net Zero 2050: Our support and response to todays CCC Report

The Biomass industry had front page news this morning, which has awoken the great debate on future technologies which will be responsibly employed in the next 30 years to bring us to a net carbon United Kingdom. The Committee for Climate Change submitted their report which gave a solid goal for us, but few finer details on how to achieve them on heat. I would like to make it clear that we are all aiming for the same goal, for a move to low carbon technology for our energy and heat requirements by 2050 and using carbon sequestration along with planting up to 3 million trees to create a zero carbon economy. Biomass is predominantly used for heat, whether that's wood chip, wood pellets, non-woo

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