Why Biomass Is A Good Choice Of Heating

Wood pellets and broadly speaking biomass is a reliable source of renewable energy. Traditional fuels such as oil, natural gas and other fossil fuels keep rising in price and also their amount is very limited to run in long-term for the humankind. It’s obvious that other alternatives are needed to heat the homes. I have gathered information from my own experience on why wood pellets heating is a good solution and am proud to present my conclusions. Although pellet fuel is a recent and modern alternative energy source, they have recently become very popular in the United Kingdom and many homeowners prefer wood pellet boilers to substitute the hot water and central heating systems. What is the

Introducing our Company Instagram Account

Did you know we are active on Instagram? Since we began posting on the platform we are proud to have a growing little community there who are interested in Wood Pellets, including some of our wholesale customers, end users, and factories. If you are on Instagram please join us and follow our account @purebiofuel we showcase our pellets, the production process, from raw material to the pellets, customer engagement, pictures of the team at work and much more. We would be pleased to meet with you on the platform! https://www.instagram.com/purebiofuel/ #Office #WoodPellets #Biomass #BusinessUpdate

Briquettes: Pini Kay VS RUF

Our RUF and Pini Kay briquettes are biofuel made from the premium wood sawdust for fireplaces, stoves and boilers. This is a quality type of heating that will help to reduce the costs during the cold seasons. Below I have evaluated the main similarities and differences of both briquette types which we believe would be helpful for our customers. Environmentally friendly production process reusing commercial sawdust. Both briquette types produce a higher heating value then traditional alternatives (or gross calorific value/gross energy) of approximately 4400-4600 kcal. The burn duration is longer than traditional alternatives which will save you money as it gives a slow and steady heat output.

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