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Premium Quality Products for Horse Bedding

We understand Horse Bedding, and the demands and requirements of the Equine industry. That's why our products have become one of the fastest growing and most popular horse bedding used in the UK. 

We only use 100% virgin softwood, or agri products where stated for our production, a raw material which is white and bright in colour. Quality is evident throughout the production process, we carefully dehydrate the pellets/shavings/shivs down below 0.7% moisture content, and use no recycled or waste content, no additives and no binders in production.


Packaging is also considered, we use a bag or bale easy enough to bring into the stables but enough volume to make the trip worthwhile. Thick bags also means they won't easily split, and a well packed sensibly sized pallet to place them on. 


Whichever product you choose you can rest assured that the final product is first class, supremely absorbent, light in colour, meaning a fluffy bed which is allergy and dust free.


Wood Pellets

  • Clear Bags or Custom Bags with Your Logo

  • 65 x 15kg Bags per Pallet 

  • Super Absorbent

  • Bright Colour

  • Completely Sterile

  • Natural Anti-Septic Qualities

Pure Wood Shavings Horse Bedding

Wood Shavings

  • ​20kg Bales of pure white wood shavings

  • Dust extracted

  • Large volume per bale

  • Thin flakes for added absorbency

  • Provides a soft and comfortable bed

Hemp Shiv Small PBF.jpg

Hemp Shivs

Our cleaned Hemp Shivs come from mainland Europe and are a clean, healthy horse bedding which provides a comfortable, relaxing and absorbent bed. 

  • Length: 3-25 mm 

  • Moisture content: 10%

  • Package Weight: 20kg 

  • Package dimensions: L= 800; W=400; H=320 mm

  • Pallet: 21 bags on 1200x800 pallet

Looking for Custom Retail Solution?

Our customer branded products are sold in agricultural stores, supermarkets and retail chains throughout the United Kingdom and Europe. If you already have your own brand then we can supply the full service including: design, printing, packaging and delivery.

Contact us about a Wholesale / Trade Enquiry

No matter the size we can do it. 

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