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About Us


End-to-end delivery solutions. 


We are committed to becoming the UK's most reliable provider of high quality Wood Pellets and Biomass to Distributors and Retailers around the country. While in volume we mainly deal in bulk quantities, we are also able to provide specialty packaging suitable for UK retail locations. From design through to final product we can provide the service you require. 


There are three main classes of Wood Pellet quality, we have build our business on supplying high quality pellets in the UK market, but can now provide on demand industrial and agripellets when clients require. The highest class of Pellets is called ENplus A1 and the quality standard are below. 

Membership Organisations

We are committed to the development and growth of the UK and European Biomass sector, the sustainability and the use of working forests and the European 2020 renewable energy targets among other issues. 

We support our local and national trade associations, and speak with our local representatives in support of Biomass. 

  • UK Pellet Council

  • Renewable Energy Association 

  • Wood Heat Association 

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