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MM Holz Bio Pellets meet the highest quality standards established on the market.

The entire production is EN Plus A1 certified.

This guarantees that you get strictly controlled and high-quality fuel that allows your heating system to operate under optimal conditions and achieve the best heating values possible.




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Bio Pellets MM Holz - ENplus A1

£280.00 Regular Price
£270.00Sale Price
  • Product Details

    • ENplus A1 Certified 
    • BSL Certified BSL0516548-0011
    • Premium Quality ENplus A1 with Certification UK341
  • 10 Reasons to Buy MM Holz BIO Pellets

    • Environmentally friendly and ecologically sustainable fuel
    • High heating value (4,8 kWh/kg or 18 MJ/kg)
    • Simple handling (15kg bags or pellet transport by silo truck directly to the pellet bunker).
    • Long-term price stability compared to fossil fuels.
    • Highly developed production technology ensures consistent quality levels.
    • Ease of operation and user-friendliness compared to oil heating systems.
    • MM Holz BIO pellets do not contain any synthetic or chemical binding agents.
    • The combustion of MM Holz BIO pellets creates a minimum of residual ash (< 0.5%).
    • After combustion of MM Holz BIO pellets, the ash can be used as fertiliser.
    • Our high production volume ensures security of supply with MM Holz BIO pellets all year round.
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