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  • Anna Asoeva

Advantages of Pure Wood Briquettes

Are you interested in buying wood briquettes? We have prepared a list of advantages of why you should get Pure Wood Briquettes:

  • A pallet of Pure Wood Briquettes will require less storage place and are very nicely put together in our minimalistic packaging.

  • Our packaging is properly sealed, so you won’t have any problems to store your briquettes in the shed, garage or even on the balcony.

  • Pure Wood Briquettes create minimum smoke and don’t spark when burnt.

  • No unpleasant smell.

  • Pure Wood Briquettes have a long burning time compared to other alternatives e.g. firewood.

  • The temperature remains stable throughout the burning time.

  • You don’t have to use a modernised boiler to use Pure Wood Briquettes as a type of solid fuel.

  • Pure Wood Briquettes are eco friendly and do not harm the environment: carbon dioxide level released from burning is minimal.

  • Pure Wood Briquettes can be stored for a long time.

  • After burning, Pure Wood Briquettes produce minimal ash due to low ash content in them comparing to other solid fuels e.g. firewood.

We offer these direct to our wholesale customers with 26 Pallets in each delivery. Alternatively we have a limited offer available by the pallet load which can be delivered in 2 and up to 4 working days (Monday – Friday).

We ship to most parts of the UK including all areas of Scotland and Wales

Have a question? Call us on 0800 4337 037. We will be able to assist you and answer all your questions. For opening times, please check our website.

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