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Wholesale Suppiers of Pure Wood Pellets



Reliable. Consistent. Premium Quality.

Pure Biofuel are an experienced supplier of Wood Pellets in the United Kingdom and Europe.


From retail packaging for nationwide suppliers through to bulk for domestic biomass fuel companies we supply Wood Pellets for multiple use cases and industries. We are ENplus® A1, FSC® Certified and BSL Authorised and along with Pellet Fuel we also supply Animal Bedding, Cat Litter and Briquettes. 

Pure Wood Pellets

Logistics - The UK and beyond

We deliver into your warehouse no matter where you are located in the United Kingdom. Mainland, Northern Ireland and the surrounding islands we have the logistics team capable of handling everything. 

We also deliver into Belgium, France, Netherlands, Germany & Italy with others possible on demand. If you need Wood Pellets, you have found the right partner. 

ENplus A1 Wood Pellets

Sustainable and Renewable

Our products are high quality, but that doesn't mean we need to fell forests in order to produce. Wood Pellets are a unique fuel that can be made from what would typically have been wood waste from a sawmill factory. 

We work with sawmills throughout our supply chain and repurpose their high quality wood shavings and chips into Wood Pellets. This means you receive a high quality product without damaging the environment. 

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Pure Biofuel Delivery Logistcs

High Quality and Certified Biomass

We have had our products certified to make sure they are an industry leading A1 Grade Quality. The top certification schemes in Europe are ENplus®, FSC® and BSL. 

We are proud to say we are ENplus® Certified with Certificate UK341. FSC® Certified for sustainability and BSL authorised. 

Sustainable Forests

Unbeatable Quality & Prices

Industry leading premium grade 15kg Wood Pellets, certified to meet and exceed the demanding ENplus® A1 quality certification. Fight back against winter with PBF Wood Pellets available now nationwide through selected retailers or through our online store. 

Buy ENplus® A1 Wood Pellets


BSL Authorised Pellet Fuel

Looking for Custom Retail Solution?

Our customer branded products are sold in agricultural stores, supermarkets and retail chains throughout the United Kingdom and Europe. If you already have your own brand then we can supply the full service including: design, printing, packaging and delivery.

Retail Solutions for Wood Pellets
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