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A leading supplier of wood pellets to business customers

Pure Biofuel are a leading company in the wholesale supply of biomass and specifically wood pellets for heat, energy and animal bedding. 


Our operations are headquartered in the United Kingdom creating an unrivalled supply chain that has driven growth over the past couple of years.

Our focus will always be on first class customer service and outstanding product quality. When we start working with a new customer we treat them like family, listen to feedback and make sure we are delivering a product they can be proud to offer their customers.  


Today we have experienced staff covering Logistics, Customer Service and Sales, we look forward to assisting you in the future with your biomass requirements. 

Pure Biofuel 15kg ENplus A1


Our Customers

Surrey Wildlife Trust
Solihull College
National Trust

We’re looking for results-focused people with initiative to join our team.

Cleaner Fuels 2021

Cleaner Fuels 2021 Compliant.png

On Friday 21st February the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA) released its long-awaited response to its consultation on using cleaner fuels for domestic burning. This restricted the use of coal and highly inefficient wet wood from domestic household fireplaces. 

Briquettes were named as a future fuel to step in and take their place. 

We offer a range of Briquettes for wholesale in the United Kingdom including Pini-Kay, Nestro and RUF Briquettes which meet these new requirements. This is just one way we are making a difference to a cleaner, greener world. 

Company Video: Your Wood Pellet Suppliers

Company Values

Core principles to our business:

  1. Reliable: We have packaged and delivered hundreds of thousands of bags during the demanding winter season and we make the extra effort to keep our customers in stock. 

  2. Quality: We supply only the highest quality, the top 1% commercially available. Our pellets are independently certified by SGS the world's leading verification company. 

  3. Value: We believe value is more then just having the lowest price on the market. But comes from having a high quality pellet, that is durable, and suitable for the application, whether that is for fuel, for animal bedding, or for cooking. 

  4. Consistency: We have consistent supply and can deliver on a monthly basis direct to your warehouse, farm or retail locations. 

PBF Warehouse Briquettes & Pellets

Membership Organisations

We are committed to the development and growth of the UK and European Biomass sector, the sustainability and the use of working forests and the UK Net Zero 2050 renewable energy targets among other issues. 

We support our local and national trade associations, and speak with our local representatives in support of Biomass. 

  • UK Pellet Council

  • Renewable Energy Association 

  • Wood Heat Association 

Our Certifications

We take our Wood Pellets very seriously. That's why we have become BSL Authorised, ENplus Certified and FSC® Certified. 

ENplus A1 UK 341
BSL Authorised
EcoFogo Wood Pellets ENplus A1.png

The future is renewable

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