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Refunds & Return Policy

If you are not satisfied with your purchase in any way, we’re here to help and solve any issues you have immediately.




We are happy to cancel any order for any reason providing it hasn’t yet been dispatched – please be aware that our courier normally collects orders at around 1 pm Monday to Friday, therefore under normal circumstances we can only reasonably cancel an order if we are notified within 2 hours of dispatch. If you have ordered in the afternoon Monday to Friday, we strongly urge customers to call our office to speak to us immediately. This way we can action a full refund and ensure your order doesn’t go out for delivery.




You have 14 calendar days to return any order from the date you received it.


To be eligible for a return, the order must be in the original packaging in the same condition the courier left it (i.e. a complete full pallet in its original wrapping). You will be liable for the costs of returning the order if there’s nothing wrong with the product specifications, however, we can arrange the collection through our pallet courier provider to minimize your costs.

We will refund you the full value of the goods returned to us, less £50 + VAT per pallet to cover the transport costs incurred returning the goods to our warehouse.

It is your responsibility to ensure adequate access for our hauler to collect the goods. Where appropriate access is not given we will pass on any additional haulage costs to you.



If there are bags that have become punctured, split, or opened during the delivery process please take photos of the bags, or of them on the pallet. Please then send them to us via email at We will expect you to conserve as much of the product left in the bag as possible but will fully refund you for any lost/unusable pellets (please note, only lost/unusable product will be compensated for – damaged packaging is not a basis for a claim).

Pure Biofuel can only offer a refund for damaged goods, we cannot replace damaged goods.

To be eligible for a refund, notify us via email within 24 hours of the delivery specifying the amount of lost/unusable pallets. Please provide the weight quantity of lost/unusable product and not the number of split bags.

Please provide all evidence to substantiate the claim (e.g. photo evidence) no later than 72 hours after delivery.

All damages MUST be noted in the delivery note to be accepted.

Note that if there is a substantial discrepancy between your evidenced claim and what is noted in the delivery note we reserve the right not to offer any compensation.


In the event that the damage could reasonably not be seen by a visual inspection at the delivery and noted on the delivery note, provide all circumstantial evidence as to why it could not be previously noticed any later than 72 hours after delivery.

Warning: the goods will be considered to be delivered in a fit state where you have signed the delivery note confirming the safe delivery of the order.

In the unlikely event that the goods provided do not conform to their specification, i.e EN Plus A1, we will:

  1. Require a sample of the pellets for independent testing. You must retain 3 (three) full and sealed bags

    • One full and sealed bag will be required to be sent to a lab for independent testing

    • Two full and sealed bags need to be retained in case further testing is required

  2. We will not process a refund or replacement prior to the results of the independent test.

  3. If the product is proven to be out of specification by the independent testing lab we will provide you with a full refund or a replacement of the goods

Note that we can not uplift the faulty goods if the pallet has been dismantled and is not in its original wrapping.


Contact us


If you have any questions regarding returns, refunds, and cancellations, please contact us. 

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