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Wood Pellet Based Cat Litter

Wood Pellets are dehydrated of moisture, and treated under high heat and pressure to create a clean and sterile product that smells great, and rapidly absorbs both wet and the powerful ammonia smells from cat urine. As Wood Pellets fluff up to absorb any liquids or solids they rapidly surround and neutralise any wetness or bad smells.  

100% Natural Wood Based Cat Litter

Please contact us for more details on any of the products you see below, or call us on 0800 4337 037. 

Pure Whiskers Cat Litter Front S.jpg

Pure Whiskers Cat Litter

  • 100% Natural organic white wood

  • Concentrated power for long lasting performance

  • Quick clumping and easy scooping

  • Easy on your cats or kittens paws

  • Outstanding odor control

  • Recyclable product

  • Super absorbent


Wood Pellets

  • Clear Bags or Custom Bags with Your Logo

  • 65 x 15kg Bags per Pallet 

  • Super Absorbent

  • Bright Colour

  • Completely Sterile

  • Natural Anti-Septic Qualities

Looking for Custom Retail Solution?

Our customer branded products are sold in agricultural stores, supermarkets and retail chains throughout the United Kingdom and Europe. If you already have your own brand then we can supply the full service including: design, printing, logistics, and delivery.

Contact us about a Wholesale / Trade Enquiry

No matter the size we can do it. 

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