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  • Rupert Ralston

Time to Stock Up for Christmas / New Years & January

We are advising our customers to make sure they have enough stock to cover themselves during three specific weeks which will be hit by the holiday period and subsequent delay in new production this year. This delay happens every year so we want to be upfront and advise ahead of time to all our customers.

Pure Biofuel Delivery

For one week in December during Christmas and two weeks in January there will be limited service to our customers in the UK. We are advising that measures are in place to keep your regular customers in stock during this period.

Christmas & New Year Office Hours

The bank holidays during Christmas and New Years are a time when our company and our key partners have a welcome rest with family and take some time to have a break, stocktake and prepare for the January orders.

When the Christmas break approaches we will publish our hours on the site but generally we take off the bank holidays and not much more. However deliveries rely on a chain network, for example our warehouse will open so we can dispatch goods, then our delivery partners have our standard lead times, so there will be a delay in everyone getting back up to speed again and having regular deliveries.

January Delivery Delays

Our main supply base are the Baltics and Russia and throughout this part of Europe they have holidays beginning on 1st January through to January 8th. This means that our factories will be back producing pellets from 8th January onwards. Due to the supply chain, by the time we are packed, loaded and on route to the UK we do miss two very important weeks.

What measures can you take?

Please keep us updated on your stock levels, and keep mind that you will have plenty of new business throughout this time, but to ensure enough is available for the regular customers that come back to you every month.

We're here to help

Where we can we have stock able to support any immediate shortfall, please contact us and keep us updated with your stock levels.

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