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  • Rupert Ralston

Why is there a Wood Pellet Shortage?

As you have been preparing to purchase your next bag, pallet, or arctic load of Wood Pellets you have most likely noticed by now that the prices have increased 20-30% from when you last purchased and highly likely your current stockist is out of Stock.

At Pure Biofuel we have seen a huge amount of new customers calling us in the past 2 weeks coming to us as their current supplier is out of stock for orders ranging from a single 15kg bag, through to Big Bags and Bulk delivery. Unfortunately we have not been immune either, and the shortages are not localised to one company, factory or country. The issue is a European wide shortage of Wood Pellets.

Further news has emerged that two ENplus Producers have ceased production which has only added further strain to the supply chain in the United Kingdom.

What is the reason behind the shortage?

Wood Pellets are highly dependent on having access to the raw materials provided to make them. This is either kept in the forest or within a factory processing wood, for example sawn timber and furniture. During the winter time the sawn timber and furniture factories are much less busy then during the summer when most houses are built so the raw materials are low. Also during the changing of the seasons the ground goes from hard and dry and damp and soggy. This period before the ground freezes makes it very difficult to receive the raw material from the forest.

Usually the time between the freeze doesn't last long however this season the wet and soggy period has been extended due to warmer weather then expected. Once the ground freezes (usually at -10 Celsius) then the raw materials will free up and be available.

When will normal supply return?

We have seen some encouraging signs, and there are some raw materials becoming available, but the temperature still remains too warm to guarantee the high volumes that we need to supply our customers. We are updating everyone as well as we possibly can but we are also waiting for the weather to improve.

We have interim supply, which is available for those who are prepared to Pre-Order or have entered into contracts with us during the summer.

What can I do to get Wood Pellets?

At the moment the best bet is to pre-order and accept that there will be a delay in the delivery but that you will receive the first dispatch once stock is ready. We continue to only accept orders that we can actually deliver within a reasonable time frame with all others we can only say we will inform you once we have the stock arrives.

We will keep you all updated.

Update 25/1 - We are back in stock with our 15kg ENplus A1 & BSL Authorised Fuel Pellets

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