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Production Update

Wood Pellet Production Update

The 2017/2018 Winter Heating season has been unlike anything we have seen in the past 4 years. As I mentioned in our blog post in December there are shortages in the industry and prices have increased. At that point in time many expected this was a pre-Christmas rush and that low supply had caused a rush on pellets which exacerbated the problem, but that things would return back to normal quite quickly. While we expected January to still have some issues we believed that around the end of the month things would generally be back to normal.

Unfortunately that was not the case. On the 18th January the UK Wood Pellet Council announced there were "serious shortages in the availability of bagged wood pellets in the market, leading to many customers struggling to find suitable supplies of fuel." Customers who had grown used to buying fuel a few weeks in advance started to find that they were not able to be delivered within this time frame and a bagged pellets availability list was created so customers can find which companies have wood pellets available.

Wood Pellet Fuel

In our business we reached out to our key suppliers, and personally visited them to update them on the market and see how we could work together to free up supply and get it into our customers as soon as possible.

I am pleased now to say that we do have adequate stocks of our 15kg Bagged Wood Pellet Fuel ready to be delivered and while our own warehouse may not always be in stock we are delivering into our clients up in Scotland, in Wales and throughout England.

We are now expecting the market to be in shortages throughout March and for the prices to remain high, but we can at least for now say that we are able to guarantee the supply into our wholesale customers.

If you need fuel and if you are situated within the delivery zones of any of our wholesale customers we would be happy to point you in there direction.

For our long-standing direct customers we also have opened up the online store for Pre-Orders and delivery later this month.

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