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  • Rupert Ralston

Increased role for Biomass in UK energy

On Thursday the Committee on Climate Change report was published which gave a key review of UK Bioenergy. The main findings of the report where that biomass incl. Wood Pellets could provide up to 15% of UK energy (currently at 7% now).

"Sustainably sourced biomass can play a significant role in meeting long-term climate change targets" - Committee on Climate Change (CCC)

The report highlighted the importance of strong domestic and international governance over biomass feedstocks through non-certification based initiatives as a priority for long-term sustainably sourced biomass / wood pellets.

“Decarbonising heat in the UK is one of the biggest challenges we face, with around third of our emissions coming from heat alone. There are no silver bullets and we need a number of different technologies and approaches if we are going to be able to ensure a low carbon, low cost and sustainable way of heating our homes. The CCC’s latest report demonstrates that biomass should play a significant role in a future low-carbon economy and crucially, biomass can be used to help better forest management, increase carbon stocks in trees and soils, as well as to grow the supply of sustainably harvested biomass both globally and in the UK.” -Neil Harrison Chair of the Wood Heat Association

Biomass Wood Pellets in a low-carbon economy

For more information about the report please visit

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