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Pure Biofuel achieves PEFC Certification

Pure Biofuel today joined more than 10,000 companies around the world to have been awarded PEFC Chain of Custody certification.

We invested in this rigorous assessment process to demonstrate our commitment to a sustainable future for the world's forests. This certification provides assurances that Pure Biofuel procures wood pellets from sustainable, legal and traceable sources.

Pure Biofuel is awarded PEFC Certification for Sustainable Forest Management

Chain of Custody certification is the process by which certified material can be traced from the forest to the end-user. It provides proof that the product, or product line, being sold is linked to legally managed and certified forests. Stringent PEFC standard track all timber products and wood fibre coming out of the forest to ensure that they originated in sustainably-managed forests. Chain of Custody documentation offers assurances that each stage of the supply chain has been closely monitored and audited according to independent, third-party verification. This unbroken link offers transparent proof that materials have been responsibly sources.

Pure Biofuel are a leading company in the wholesale supply of biomass and specifically wood pellets for heat, energy and animal bedding. We supply the entire United Kingdom through our network of integrated local suppliers which makes sure wherever there is demand for pellet fuel a 15kg bag of Pure Biofuel Wood Pellets is not far away. We are headquartered in London, the largest market for wood pellets but have a strategic base in the Baltic Region which is one of the most attractive wood fibre regions in the world.

Beyond wood pellets our focus is on moving the UK forward on renewable energy, cleaner fuels, healthy forests and lower plastic use. We are active members in the Wood Heat Association, UK Pellet Council and the Renewable Energy Association.

Alun Watkins PEFC Quote

Welcoming Pure Biofuel certification Alun Watkins, Executive Director or PEFC UK said “We are delighted that Pure Biofuel has chosen to invest in PEFC Chain of Custody certification. This investment means that in addition to being able to provide their customers with assurances of responsible sourcing, they are contributing to the development of sustainable forest management around the world."

Commenting on the award, Rupert Ralston, Managing Director said: "Pure Biofuel is committed to sourcing from responsibly managed forests and is therefore proud to demonstrate its support for sustainable forest management by being able to provide our customers with assurances that the materials used to make our products can be traced back to forests certified to a credible, international certification standard such as PEFC's"

PEFC Certified Forest Area by European Country

European PEFC Coverage

For more information about our range of products, please see our products page and to speak with us directly about PEFC please contact us.

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