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  • Anna Asoeva

Future of Sustainable Packaging

Plastic pollution is becoming a more pressing issue and customer are noticing and pushing for change. We are proud to say that Pure Biofuel is investing in research to find alternative ways of packaging our products. Indeed, it’s very hard to completely abandon plastic packaging, but we are making strides towards a more sustainable future.

Renewable Biodegradable Compostable Packaging

It’s fair to mention that our current packaging is LDPE and you can send it to your local recycling council centre in be processed in group 4 plastics. But we are dreaming of something bigger and a fully eco friendly solution that would change the lives of future generations. After all, it’s our job to create the best living conditions for our children and grandchildren.

We are working on a new project which was encouraged by our drive to make the world better. Not only do we supply you with renewable energy but we are also looking for renewable packaging. I have been in contact with many companies that supply the UK with eco-friendly packaging and Pure Biofuel team is analysing the potential of different wrap types. We want to make sure that this will ease your life and keep your product in the best condition as always. Moreover, this will decrease the plastic pollution as the alternatives that we are looking for can either be very easily composted or they biodegrade on their own after some time. So far we’ve outlined biodegradable plastics, cardboard boxes, linen bags, thick paper bags and more.

The Pure Biofuel team is always making sure that all the requirements are met for the outstanding quality. Therefore, we are currently conducting beta-testing on the packaging alternatives listed above. Our team is using multiple methods like measuring the packaging in microns with specialised tools, durability, strength, water & UV resistance.

Of course we care what these alternatives are made from. Thus, we are requesting very specific information from the producers and also conducting researches ourselves by reading the appropriate literature that can be accessed via online or public libraries such as The British Library at Kings Cross London which is notorious for its size and the amount of relevant material that is so important for us. We have a strong passion for new information that can improve our results. After all, this will be all that matters. These results will be a big step in the industry in order to shape an eco-friendly environment.

Here at Pure Biofuel we want to make a contribution that will be life-changing and revolutionary because we believe that certain things impact our everyday life and will definitely impact future generations also. Why not contributing together? With little steps we can all change the future together and we can all start today. Join us in this journey and make sure to spread love and kindness for the Planet Earth that we live on.

Make sure to share your thoughts and ideas with us. We are always happy for anyone to join in and make an impact together. Imagine!

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