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  • Anna Asoeva

Why Biomass Is A Good Choice Of Heating

Wood pellets and broadly speaking biomass is a reliable source of renewable energy. Traditional fuels such as oil, natural gas and other fossil fuels keep rising in price and also their amount is very limited to run in long-term for the humankind. It’s obvious that other alternatives are needed to heat the homes. I have gathered information from my own experience on why wood pellets heating is a good solution and am proud to present my conclusions.

Although pellet fuel is a recent and modern alternative energy source, they have recently become very popular in the United Kingdom and many homeowners prefer wood pellet boilers to substitute the hot water and central heating systems. What is the reason? Well, it’s simply because this heating solution is more efficient compared to many other options.

The background of wood pellets is very straightforward. It's biomass fuel that is being produced by compressing sawdust. They are used in wood pellet burners, so it’s really important for the product to be approved for such heating system. Our fuel wood pellets are ENplus A1 certified UK341. It is important to pass this certification in order to make sure that the wood pellets are suitable for the wood burners/boilers. They have to be of a certain size and made out of certain materials. It’s crucial to use only those wood pellets that have passed the certification, otherwise this could affect your wood burner. Wood boilers/burners are also good alternatives as they require limited input and don’t require frequent assistance.

So what are the main advantages of such heating system?

First of all, switching to wood pellets will save you a lot of money annually! To certain calculation this could be up to £1000 per year if you switch from central heating energy to wood burners. Moreover, it’s very much affordable compared to other alternatives as this type of heating doesn’t result in being a huge cost in long-term.

Secondly, wood pellets are very environmentally friendly. Recent news on climate change are alarming, however since the wood pellets is an eco-friendly heating system, it doesn’t produce carbon dioxide emissions, hence it’s not harmful for the environment. This works in a circle. The amount of CO2 emitted during the burning time of the wood pellets is exactly equal to the amount of CO2 absorbed by the growing trees. Furthermore, since wood pellets are renewable they biodegrade in an open environment.

The Big Picture:

Wood Pellets provide the UK with Energy Security, allowing homeowners to stock and manage their energy costs years in advance. Wood Pellets are a more affordable option then others such as oil, and natural gas. It also helps contribute to a low carbon economy which will help us reach our net zero 2050 goals. Finally by purchasing wood pellets you are contributing to green growth and jobs in the UK.

Our fuel are premium quality ENplus A1 Wood Pellets that have met all the standards for your heating boilers. We guarantee our customers a product that has been certified.

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