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  • Rupert Ralston

Introducing Pure Whiskers

We are pleased to announce the UK release of our Pure Whiskers Cat Litter. This product is now available nationwide through select boutique retail outlets and we are in negotiation to have this in further regional and nationwide stores.

Pure Whiskers Wood Pellet Cat Litter

The release of Pure Whiskers marks the first phase of our three phase summer strategic investment program (SUSTAIN2020), which is a company wide endeavour to bring new creative products to market. This was a team project but I want to pass on a special thank you to Anna Asoeva for the hard work she has put into creating the personality of Mr. Whiskers who adorns the bag.

Pure Whiskers comes packed in 5 Litre bags providing suitable coverage for your cats requirements. Our wood pellets our 100% pure natural organic wood which are supremely absorbent, dust-free, easy to clean-up and spot problem areas for extraction and soft on your cat or your kittens paws.


About SUSTAIN2020, Our program stands for our SUmmer STrAtegic INvestment program but it also represents our commitment to sustainability and sustainable products that we offer. The opportunity to directly influence and create products is part of what makes Pure Biofuel unique, where everyone has a direct say in how we shape the future of our wood, fuel, energy, heating, animal bedding and cat litter market.

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