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Heating: What are the best wood pellets?

Wood Pellets Test

With a wide and varied assortment of Wood Pellets available today in the United Kingdom it's hard to establish which should be your first choice when purchasing for your home. Many have remained with their first supplier, or that who was recommended by their boiler installer, but the market is fluid, and high wood supply supply is not always guaranteed.

One European wide quality standard has risen above the rest in recent years to become the most prominent in the UK. It is called the ENplus Quality Standards and it is maintained by the UK Pellet Council and audited by HETAS and the SGS.

ENplus A1 Quality

We have recently completed our ENplus audit for the A1 quality of Wood Pellets. This is the highest standard available and we were happy to see our wood pellet credentials surpassing the standards set out for A1 quality.

We have now been issued our own Seal which you will start to see appearing on our invoices when you are buying ENplus A1 wood pellets and proud to say all our wood pellets available meet the ENplus A1 Standard in the UK.

We are happy to share the specifications for the pellets with you so you can see how ours compare to those others available online and around the country. The main factors which are important are the Ash Content and the Moisture Content. The standards set out they should be: Moisture <10% and Ash Content <0.7%. Our latest tests came back with Moisture <7% and Ash Content <0.5%.

If you have any other questions about quality standards please get in touch or leave a comment below.


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