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New hire: quality management specialist

Quality has always been the cornerstone of our company and since inception we have strived to delivery a quality product to the market. We recognise that the businesses we sell to demand a high quality product, which is instrumental to satisfying their final customers requirements.

In today's business environment a single wholesale load my change hands and be uplifted by regional networks multiple times before it reaches the end user, therefore maintaining quality throughout the supply chain is incredibly important.

In accordance with our ongoing quality improvements we are happy to announce the new addition of Alexander Korotin, who will head up our QM division as Quality Management Specialist.

Alexander will form our first line of inspection and quality control. Before the goods are even loaded they will be personally checked on site. We believe this will make a huge impact and improvement for all parties. Firstly, production managers will have a double-check on the quality to ensure regulations are tightly adhered to, and loading staff will be reminded and trained on pallet quality and loading formats ensuring well packed and solid boxes. Secondly, no surprises upon delivery of wholesale loads, any quality issues are checked to rectified before loading, saving both the customer and our production the additional costs of sorting out issues on a customers site.

With stable production and quality all on the same level, the reputation and reliability of the product lines will continue to grow, cementing Pure Biofuel as the stable, reliable suppler of wood pellets in the United Kingdom under the brands we manage.

We are pleased to welcome Alexander on board to the team, and he has already had a good first week of getting the basics of the product and our quality guidelines understood. If you would like to follow how Alexander is getting along, he will also be posting photos from the inspection and quality control on our instagram page:

Welcome Alexander!


This marks the first new hire of the year for Pure Biofuel Ltd, if you are interested in working with us please see our careers page at we will have some new career opportunities up soon including a new position available in the Sales Department.

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