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Product Spotlight: PBF Wood Pellets

The ultimate in reliability and power, Pure Biofuel Wood Pellets come in our signature blue bags with quality that is trusted by households throughout Great Britain.

Bag of PBF 15kg Wood Pellets
The signature blue bags of Pure Biofuel Wood Pellets.


PBF Wood Pellets come as standard with 65 Bags on the pallet. These are all 15kg bags and have a total weight of 975kg. In certain cases we do also package in 70 Bag and 50 Bag formats when required.


PBF Wood Pellets are available to purchase wholesale either on a per pallet basis or with delivery in FCL or on a curtain-sided lorry anywhere in the United Kingdom. Customer benefit from knowing this product has the seal of approval and each batch has been inspected personally before loaded and shipped.

As we take great pride in our namesake fuel which carries our company name on it you can be assured that it meets and exceeds the highest ENplus A1 standards for European wood pellets.


Along with collection from our depots located throughout the United Kingdom we also offer a per pallet delivery service or a full-load delivery. Full loads are available in either containers, or with curtain-sided Lorry. With our individual pallets please let us know if you do not have access to a forklift. Most vehicles come equiped with a tail-lift and the driver can hand-ball the pallet off the rear of the vehicle for you. However due to recent legislation changes our haulier can no longer tail-lift pallets over 750kg if you need a small vehicle called a 7.5T Truck. In these circumstances please let us know in advance and we are able to request a pallet of 50 bags, leaving the pallet at 750kg and therefore reaching the weight aloud to be offloaded via TailLift on a 7.5T vehicle.

How does PBF Wood Pellets beat the competition?

Wood raw materials (which are the discarded by-products of the timber industry) are crushed and ground into a powder state, then dried and granulated. No chemical additives are required during this process. When pressing, great pressure is created as the material is forced through 6mm holes. This mean the temperature of the material rises, resin is released from the wood particles, which boils and glues them into granules.

The production of PBF wood pellets contributes to solving environmental problems. In the production of lumber, a huge amount of waste is generated - wood chips, bark and sawdust, which successfully turns into a high quality fuel for customers and businesses.

Technical Data

No product gets to be packed into our PBF wood pellets blue bags without passing strict guidelines on moisture, ash, calorific output among others.

This product is ENplus A1 Certified and all bags meet and exceed the minimum requirements of ENplus A1 Wood Pellets. The certificate is UK 341.

Moisture: <10% (Test Results 6-8%)

Ash: <0.7% (Test Results 0.3-0.5%)

Durability: >98% (Test Results 98.5-99%)

Net Calorific Value: > 4.6kWh/kg (Test Results 4.7-4.9kWh/kg)

Fines: <1% (Test Results <0.5%)

The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)

These wood pellets are covered under the Biomass Suppliers List and therefore valid for payments if your boiler is covered under the Renewable Heat Incentive.

If you have any questions on this product please get in touch with us at or you can always call the office on 0800 4337 037.


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