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  • Anastasia Sofronova

The European Commission presented its plan to reduce EU greenhouse gas emissions by at least 55%

The Commission has tabled an amendment to the proposed European Climate Law, to include the 2030 emissions reduction target of at least 55% as a stepping stone to the 2050 climate neutrality goal. The new target is based on a comprehensive Impact Assessment of the social, economic and environmental impacts.

In addition, the Commission has also set out the legislative proposals to be presented by June 2021 to implement the new target, including: revising and expanding the EU Emissions Trading System; adapting the Effort Sharing Regulation and the framework for land use emissions; reinforcing energy efficiency and renewable energy policies; and strengthening CO2 standards for road vehicles.

The United Kingdom has legislated that clean burning fuels must be used in households from 2030, so we welcome the new initiative from the EU and have been providing high quality cleaner fuels meeting this new standard since 2015.

Pure Biofuel offers high-quality products including biofuel. Wood pellets are a unique fuel that can be made from what would typically have been wood waste from a sawmill factory. We are a supplier of ENplus A1 Wood Pellets for Heat and Energy as well as we supply Horse Bedding, Cat Litter, Industrial Clean-up, BBQ and retail products.


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