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Looking for Wood Pellet supply in the United Kingdom?

We are a reliable UK based supplier of Wood Pellets from Premium through to Industrial Bulk. 

We currently supply 1,600 Tonnes per month with a large range of companies to meet their wood pellet requirements, such as Heating, Energy, 975kg Pallets, Animal Bedding, Cat Litter, Industrial Clean-Up, BBQ and retail products. 

Pure Biofuel Wood Pellets - (10kg | 15kg) 

ENplus A1 6mm Wood Pellets

BSL Authorised 

FSC Certified 100% or Mix

Ash Content < 0.5%

Moisture Content < 0.7%

Delivery 3-4 Weeks

Pure Wood Pellets - (15kg) 

Premium Quality White Wood Pellets

Exceptionally Low Ash Content

High Calorific Value

De-Barked and 100% Virgin Pine

Ash Content < 0.5%

Moisture Content < 0.7%

Delivery 3-4 Weeks

Wood Pellets - Fuel (Big Bags) 

Premium Quality ENplus A1 6mm Wood Pellets

BSL Authorised 

FSC Certified 100% / Mix

Ash Content < 0.5%

Moisture Content < 0.7%

Durability > 98% 

Delivery 3-4 Weeks 


UK's Premier Absorbent Product

Super Absorbent Wood Pellets for Industrial Spills Cleanup

Each bags controls 75 Litres plus of Spillage

Rapidly Absorbs Oil, Gasoline, Diesel & Chemical Spills ​

Delivery 3-4 Weeks

Ship Load Bulk (2,000, 3,500 or 5,000 MT) 

On demand we have monthly supply of 5,000 MT of Wood Pellets. Both Premium ENplus A1 and Industrial grade wood pellets. 

Sunflower Husk Pellets

Sunflower Husk pellets have a high calorific value at the sacrifice of a higher ash content up to 3%. However it is a highly economical pellet for those commercial biomass users. 

Wood Briquettes

An excellent alternative to traditional firewood. A highly calorific burn in an easy to handle and store format. 

Wood Shavings

Light and fluffy Wood Shavings, from the same factory as our raw material. High Quality and long lasting. 

Contact us about a Wholesale / Trade Enquiry

No matter the size we can do it. 

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Wood Pellets (Horse Bedding)

Premium Animal & Horse Bedding

Finest Quality White Wood Pellets

Dust Extracted

Absorbs 380% of their weight in moisture

3 Times faster to muck out then the alternatives

Wood Pellets (Cat Litter​) 

Very absorbent wood pellets

Clean pine fresh scents are well suited for Catteries and Cat owners to use for their Cat Litter. It is suitable for all cat breeds and has outstanding performance. 

BBQ & Cooking Wood Pellets 

Not all wood pellets are suitable for cooking. We supply food grade, premium quality wood pellets. 

Retail Solutions

Requiring a custom solution? Please get in touch. 

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