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Product Spotlight: MM Holz BIO Pellets

Introducing a totally organic, biodegradable and sustainably sourced wood pellet with the conservation of nature in mind. The MM Holz BIO Pellet which comes in a dark green bag and stacked with an efficient 78 x 15kg bags per pallet.

Exclusively supplied by Pure Biofuel, the MM Holz BIO Pellet is sourced from 100% saw mill residue from onsite making it one of the most responsible ways to source the raw material for your wood pellets.

MM Holz is one of the largest and leading saw mills in Europe, supplying the timber which is used to build countless houses every year. Wood timber is a past, present and future building material, more and more projects homeowners understand the environmental cost behind materials such as concrete and steel we expect production to grow and with that the access to the sawdust, shavings and other residue from day to day operations. These residues are then recycled into creating a totally BIO Pellet, where 100% of the raw material is sourced from on site. This means the raw material has a very small carbon footprint, if any at all compared to most other wood pellets.

Quality Control: An Austrian Perspective

MM Holz is an Austrian company and as such their attention to detail is quite refined. These pellets are strictly manufactured to ENplus A1 Conditions. All 15kg bags of BIO Pellets carry the ENplus Certification which mean you will have a clean, long lasting burn with minimal ash content as residual.

How to Purchase

Please contact us for wholesale loads and trade prices of MM Holz Wood Pellets, we do also have a limited supply available for sampling on our website direct from our UK Warehouses. https://www.purebiofuel.co.uk/product-page/pure-bio-pellets-forklift-unload-bsl0516548-0011

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