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Stock Control: Preparing for Winter

With a warmer start to October then we are used to you may have put off that purchase of Wood Pellets for a couple of weeks later, and had adequate stock levels to reason doing so. But it is amazing how quickly pellets can move as soon as the winter comes. Whether you are using them for your own boiler, a retailer, distributor it's worth being prepared this winter season.

Check your supply levels, winter is approaching

The industry has seen a slower start then usual this Winter in Fuel Pellets, but this past week has seen the market turn with large buyer interest in ENplus A1 Certified Wood Pellets.

We have gone from only a few interested buyers here and there, and finding it very difficult to excite people about fuel to a couple new customers each day. These have been enquiries from 1 Ton through to 10,000 so it's fair to say the winter season has begun on the pellet market.

European Market Showing Price Increases

One thing we have noticed on the supply side, is that the prices of high quality wood pellets have been increasing far quicker and greater then this time last year. At this point last year there were still a few suppliers selling direct to consumer for under £200 a Ton, currently there is nothing for less then £220, and they are also non ENplus A1 pellets which may not be suitable for fuel.

Clients who entered into long-term supply agreement with us have been benefiting greatly from the stability in the price while for others external factors continue to move the price upwards.

If you have not yet found your pellet supplier this winter, we are very interested in securing your business, and we will delivery the best price and value for you whether you are entering a long-term supply agreement, would like 1 container as a spot purchase, or smaller sizes.

The team here at PBF look forward to speaking with you, have a look at the wide variety of wholesale wood pellets we offer and you can call us anytime to discuss on 0800 4337 037.


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